Hey, I'm Ari.


I'm a human.
I'm also a coach, athlete, musician and aspiring writer.
I love making music, read and have great conversations.
I'm also a cat person, and strongly believe there is absolutely nothing better on this planet than food.

I help amateur and pro athletes be healthy and happy so they can achieve their full potential both in Sport and in life, all while maintaining part to full time jobs.

You are an athlete too, even if you don't know it right now!

My romance with sport started at the relatively late age of 21, when I decided I want to create a positive change in my life. 
It wasn't long before started coaching, since I realized I have an immense passion for teaching, guiding and helping people.
I have made it my mission be a light to others by showing them how to be more happy  by living in a better functioning body.

Ask a young coach what's his training philosophy, they will tell you a different answer every 3 months. I was one of those coaches, until I discovered meditation.
Meditation helped me figure out my unique way of coaching, which is an interesting combo of challenge, humor, aggression, softness and radical honesty.


My training philosophy is simple: Train FOR your Body, and not BECAUSE of it.
I take holistic approach to life  - When you are doing good for your body, you are doing good to your mind and soul.
I teach skill - I help people to love their body through performance, teaching healthy, capable and versatile movement abilities.

I teach self love - I help develop effective eating and thinking habits in order to support your performance and fitness goals as well as peace of mind and overall health.


Hey, My name is Ari


Only he who can see

the invisible

Can do the

the impossible

- Frank L. Gaines

Wanna ask me something?

Oh yeah, I'm writing a book!

I'm Certified as:

PN1 Nutrition Coach

Certified Coach

FRC Provider


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